Noeskwam: A Model For A Qualitative Society
The collection Noeskwam shows a model for a qualitative society. Noeskwam is a garbage patch floating in the middle of the sea. Its residents have claimed this garbage island as their own, and are creating their own utopia on it.

Together they form a tribe and create a new society that shows the importance of the playful elements in everyday life. The only resource they have is the waste and plastic that washes ashore. The tribe makes everything out of found material, from everyday objects to their clothing. They see it as a precious material, not just because this waste is their only resource, but also because plastic lasts forever. Noeskwam shows us a new way of approaching our plastic waste.

Photos by Team Peter Stigter and Jessica Nap
Concept Sketches of the Noeskwam Island
Residents of Noeskwam
Backstage Pictures from the Graduation Show
The Process Book